REFUGEE is the wine of our family, which fled for the first time in the 18th century and last in 1998. Thanks to all the parents, refugees who left their homes to keep their children alive.

Limited edition of 2160 bottles.


Ruby-colored wine with aromas of overripe plums and blueberries supported by a thin hint of vanilla. 

Fruity taste with shades of chocolate, coffee and tobacco. 

Long elegant aftertaste.


Cabernet Sauvignon - 45 %
Merlot - 25 %
Saperavi - 15 %
Rara Neagrǎ - 15 %


Purcari wine region, southern Moldova.

Importer and manufacturer: GOSMIT s.r.o. with great help from the SA SAITI micro-winery.

Gospodinov Family


As the wine is still relatively young, it is currently maturing in the cellar in the best conditions for archiving.

Grapes collected by hand
Perfect with the meat
Suitable for archiving 10 - 15 years
Serve decanted

Our family has been involved in agriculture and viticulture for more than 200 years. We originally come from Bulgaria, where agriculture and viticulture were a traditional livelihood.

However, the domination of the Turks in the region was unbearable for our family due to religious oppression and high tillage taxes, so in the winter of 1818 our ancestors fled to present-day Moldova, where they established new settlements. At that time, it was no man's land and the land was freely available, only on the condition that everyone could occupy as much land as they could manage.

Unfortunately, the newly acquired freedom did not last long. During World War II, the entire territory was occupied by German troops and all of our family's property was confiscated. At the end of the war, the Soviet "liberators" again sent entire families who owned land and real estates to Siberia in labor camps. Our family lost practically all its property and home again.

It was only after Stalin's death in 1953 that there was a slight relaxation and our family was able to return back home. They started all over again on leased land.

The revolution in 1991 was supposed to bring better times. Unfortunately, this did not happen. An already impoverished country under the weight of corruption and incipient national conflicts began to collapse, and it was clear to us that there was no future for our children. Therefore, our family's journey continued to the Czech Republic, where we have been selling wine since 2001.

At first, we imported exclusively bottled wine, then we expanded our range with tank (bulk) wine and our own wine shop. Today, we are a purely family business that operates a wholesale wine from Moldova and a wine shop in Kralupy nad Vltavou, and we believe that Moldovan wine has enormous potential due to its unique both natural and climatic conditions.

Unfortunately, can not transfer our vineyards to the Czech Republic, so we work with the best winemakers from Moldova who produce wine for us, based on our requirements using traditional methods and winemaking technologies, and we believe what we are giving back what we get in the past to Moldovan economic and people.

That is why the Refugee wine was created, the wine of our family, of winemakers - refugees. Refugee wine is just like us, strong and indomitable, but at the same time gentle, with a big heart.

Every member of our family is represented here: CABERNET SAUVIGNON (strong, expressive - as the father of the family) MERLOT (gentle and distinctive as a mother), SAPERAVI (as quirky as a son), RARE NEAGRE (fresh as a daughter). Together, they form an ideal where weaknesses disappear and only the best qualities of each individual stand out.

Our red cuvée is delicious in taste, matured in French oak barrels under the patient supervision of the best experts. For the maximum experience, we recommend decanting the wine for at least one hour in the decanter.

REFUGEE wine is dedicated to all those who were forced to leave their homes for various difficult reasons, and set out on a journey into the unknown, with a vision of their own salvation and future for their children.